Spinning Babies

"Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioners are trained in bodywork intended to allow:

  • Comfort in pregnancy and labor

  • Spontaneous change to a more optimal fetal position

Each practitioner commits to bodywork techniques within their skill set, title, and scope of practice. The Practitioners on this list have agreed not to manipulate a baby into position unless they are a doctor or midwife trained in external cephalic version (ECV). Results occur on an individual basis. Spinning Babies® does not assume risk. Plan a course of care with your practitioner that you find comfortable and safe." -spinningbabies.com

Body Balancing sessions last about 2 hours. Wear stretchy clothes for comfort and ease of movement.

Sessions utilize massage and touch as well as some light streching and dynamic movement that help prepare your body for the quickest easiest birth possible. Sessions will last longer if we are focusing on a baby has been determined to be breech/transverse.


Please note that when booking online all appointment confirmations will list my Austin office address but when you choose Albert Lea as the service provider your appointment will be in my Albert Lea office located at 1629 W. Main St. This is inside the Skyline Mall. Park and enter through the mall doors closest to the Moose Lodge. I share an office there with Touchworks Chiropractic and Rooted Family Medicine.